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Children's hospital playground Athens

ATHENS, Greece
“CREAID” (non-profit organization) - Donor
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Children General Hospital is the premier children hospital in Athens and provides medical care to thousands of children up to 14 years, regardless of their economic and social situation. The hospital opened in 1933 by donor Aglaia Kyriakou. Marina Vernicos, famous photographer and President of CREAID, invited Greek designers, architects and artists to design their own light. The total proceeds of the Designer Lights auction of Creaid used to create a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospital, so to improve the experience of children hospitalized or just visiting for consultations, as well as their siblings.Inclusive play center, play house, swing frame and solitaires spring animals provide a range variety of activities to playground such as climbing, balance, exploration and meeting points, adapted to the special needs of children who may have physical and cognitive limitations, fulfilling an environment for all kids. The playground, enriched with colorful paths and new fence, is surrounded by a lush green and rose garden.


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